Benefits of IV Glutathione Therapy

16 Oct 2020

IV glutathione treatments, which help us have a glowing skin, help us get rid of toxins and heavy metals accumulated in our body, while also strengthening our immune system and increasing our resistance in the fight against diseases. While IV glutathione treatments applied at regular intervals regress the signs of aging on the skin, it also eliminates complaints such as chronic fatigue, widespread muscle pain and weakness, with its positive effects on the immune system and cell renewal, and helps us feel more vigorous and healthy.

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant and a successful detox molecule that plays a role in neutralizing the free radicals and heavy metals in the body that cause cell damage to which we are exposed in today’s environmental conditions. Free radicals are formed in our body as a result of smoking, exposure to cigarette smoke, radiation, ultraviolet rays, and various chemical drugs entering our body through vegetables and fruits. The main function of glutathione is to neutralize toxins that cause cell damage (aging/death), which we call free radicals. Glutathione also plays an active role in clearing the body of heavy metals (mercury, copper, cadmium, arsenic…) that accumulate in the body for various reasons and in all detox processes in the liver cells, so that harmful toxins accumulated in the body are neutralized without causing cell damage. In doing this, glutathione itself is broken down. For this reason, in cases where free radicals and heavy metals that damage cells for various reasons are present in excess in the body, our amount of glutathione will not be sufficient to neutralize all toxins and damage will inevitably occur in our cells. With iv glutathione cures applied in sessions, the amount of glutathione it needs is provided to our body, thus creating an effective detox effect in our cells, tissues, organs and muscles.

The effect of glutathione, which increases cell renewal and energy production in cells, supports the liver, which is our detox organ that fights toxins in our body. By reducing the fat accumulated in the liver and increasing the energy stores in fast-working liver cells, the destructive effects of metabolic diseases on tissues are reduced.

It is known that glutathione has a significant effect on energy production in cells. Glutathione is an important molecule in athlete health as it increases muscle strength and efficiency. After IV glutathione treatments, due to increased muscle strength, complaints such as chronic fatigue and widespread muscle aches regress and people feel more energetic. Glutathione treatment increases energy production and storage in our body, making us feel more vigorous and energetic. As a result of energy storage, the immune system begins to work more effectively and a more effective defense is created in the body against possible diseases.

As a result, glutathione, which fights the signs of aging on the skin, is effective in eliminating skin dryness, improving skin wrinkles, reducing age spots and giving the skin a more vibrant, bright and youthful appearance, as well as supporting the immune system by increasing the energy production in the cells and eliminating complaints related to chronic fatigue. is effective.

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant found in the human body. By increasing energy production in the cells of internal organs, as well as in skin cells, it regulates our metabolism by allowing the cells to work faster and regenerate faster, and makes us more resistant to possible diseases. Glutathione plays a role in regulating the activity of the enzymes used by the immune system in its fight against viruses and bacteria and in regulating the immune response by neutralizing the resulting destructive free radicals.

Glutathione treatment is organized as 3-5 sessions in total, 1 or 2 days a week, depending on the person’s needs and whether he/she has additional disorders. Sessions last 30 minutes and glutathione is administered intravenously. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids before and after the session as it will accelerate the elimination of toxins through urine. After treatment, people can continue their daily lives.

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